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Κυριακή, 3 Μαρτίου 2013

Using Scratchpad on Google Chromium browser

[SCRATCHPAD as a Chromium app shown on an interactive board - 7th graders'  class]

Ever wanted to have a copy of your blackboard

in your "pocket"?

Well, now it's pretty easy.

If you install SCRATCHPAD on your

Chromium / Chrome web browser

[find the app on  Chrome Web Store]

you can have a copy of your electronic board straight

 in your google drive

WITHOUT saving anything.

Everything is done automatically, if you synchronize

SCRATCHPAD with your Google account.


Scratchpad lets you take notes while you browse, 
and syncs notes to Google Docs
 (optional; requires one-time authorization). 

Notes are found in your "Scratchpad" folder
 in Google Docs.

Supports basic text editing, bold/italic/underline,
 and bullet points. 

Works fully offline, so you can take notes 
even when you aren't connected.


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