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Σάββατο, 22 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

GNOME University Justification

GnomeUniversity is an effort to get more community members comfortable with the C language and the GNOME platform. Understanding at least a bit of C can go a long way towards helping developers write better code in a multitude of languages. GNOME libraries are often written in C, and doing so allows for easy integration with higher level languages such as Python, Ruby, C++, JavaScript, and more. We should be encouraging application developers to use whatever language they are comfortable with, while providing all of the same APIs to the various languages.

I want to learn C

If you would like to join please email ChristianHergert with the following information.
  • Your current programming experience (none required).
  • What interests you about GNOME (Gtk, multimedia, extending gnome-shell, etc).
  • Your timezone offset (UTC-0700 for example).
  • What your operating system and GNOME version are (so I can help you setup your build environment). Nothing other than Linux and GNOME is required.
Course material will be provided here for those that would like to keep up to date but don't want or need personal attention to their learning process.


  • The IRC channel can be found on GIMPnet in #gnome-university. ChristianHergert and other gurus will be around to help you.
  • You can email ChristianHergert directly.

Class Format

The format for this "class" will take the following form. I will be writing chapters for you each week (as time permits). The chapters will include a set of exercises that you will work on and email to me. This allows me to see how you are understanding the material. I will provide feedback to help you wherever you need it. Additionally, I will be finding good examples of clear and well organized code for reading exercises. One of the best ways to learn to write good code is to read good code.
You would be doing me a big favor if you'd rate each chapter as we go for its effectiveness and clarity. Chapters that get low ratings or fail to show their effectiveness will be redesigned.
Screencasts will be provided for particularly difficult chapters. They may, however, lag behind the chapter.
After the C basics are taught, we will continue on to more advanced topics and platform APIs. I hope that this can continue for some time.

Course Material

gnome website

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