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Πέμπτη, 30 Αυγούστου 2012

GNU Emacs 24.2 has been released

GNU Emacs 24.2 has been released.  It is available on the GNU ftp site
at  See for a
list of mirrors.

The SHA1 check-sums for the tarballs are:

190c52c0b2  emacs-24.2.tar.gz
38e8fbc9573b70a123358b155cf55c274b5a56cf  emacs-24.2.tar.bz2
330cb768136fb2e0d8dfd1b1f1d6848e10d35e41  emacs-24.2.tar.xz

Emacs 24.2 is a bugfix release.  It fixes a security flaw which allowed
automatic code execution via file-local variables when the user option
`enable-local-variables' is changed from its default value to `:safe'
(CVE-2012-3479), plus many other bugs.

Please send bug reports to  You can use the
command M-x report-emacs-bug to do this.

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